Summer Holidays have ended!

We’ve had a very busy summer holidays. Here’s just some of the things that we have done:

We’ve been to Grassington Woods, Cleatop Woods, Austwick, Malaham Tarn and Janets Foss. We’ve been to Forest School in Skipton Woods, played football at Sandylands and done team building at Nell Bank as well as walking the Ingleton Waterfalls trail.

 We’ve been swimming at Ingleton Lido, Ilkley Lido, craven Leisure and Play away at Eshton Grange. We’ve been to the Fire Station, and a whole bunch of activities at Skipton Town Hall, including a Silent Rave!

We’ve been to Whitby and Morcombe. Had fun at some farms, including Hill Top Farm and Hesketh Farm and had visits from Hart Animals and Project: Wild. We’ve been to Ponderosa Zoo, and Lakeland Wildlife Oasis.

We’ve tie-dyed and crafted, had water fights and a bouncy castle!

We’ve visited Cliffe Castle and explored Skipton Castle. Been bowling and played pool at the Matrix. Played Laser Tag, been trampolining, and to the Royal Armories Museum as well as MathsCity.

We’ve been the Driving Range, Aireville Park, the Pirate Park and Ilkley Park.

It’s been an amazing jam packed six weeks and we’ve enjoyed every day!

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