Other ways to give

Corperate Partnerships

We are always looking for businesses, large or small, that share our vision of a community where all children and young people are celebrated and know they belong. Partnering with a charity can bring many benefits to your business; it offers an opportunity to generate positive media coverage, to engage staff, to create team-building opportunities, to increase morale and the best bit… to have lots of fun!

We have many opportunities for staff to volunteer at activities and we are extremely proud that a number of volunteers we have met through partnerships feel like part of our team. Some businesses prefer to help us in other ways, paying for specific core costs for a year or donating gifts in kind which reduce our running costs so we can spend more on children’s activities.

If you would like to support us in anyway please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Donate In Memory Or Celebration

A donation in memory of a loved one can help a local family when they need it the most. A gift to SELFA in memory of someone special can help their memory to live on whilst making a difference to the community. This could be a single or regular gift, or perhaps hold a collection for donations at a funeral.

Can’t think of what to give as a wedding favour? Why not make a donation on behalf of each guest to SELFA? Making SELFA part of your wedding day adds a special personal touch and makes your day even more memorable. You could create a little card to put on each place setting to explain why you’ve chosen SELFA and how the donation will help.

Create a fundraiser to raise money for a charity you really care about on your birthday in 4 easy steps. Give your friends and family the opportunity to help local children and young people in their community.
1. Search ‘Birthday Fundraiser’ on Facebook and click ‘Create a Birthday Fundraiser’.
2. Search and click ‘SELFA Children’s Charity’
3. If you wish, edit the description to explain why you’re asking for donations.
4. Select ‘Create Fundraiser’

Donate Whilst You Shop

There are also ways that you can donate to SELFA whilst online shopping.

If you shop on Amazon regularly then it is definitely worth using Amazon Smile instead. They are exactly the same, the only difference being a small % of your purchase is donated to SELFA. It doesn’t affect your price, the process of buying, shipping – anything!

Get set up:
1. Visit smile.amazon.co.uk
2. Enter your email address (or phone for mobile accounts)
3. Search and select ‘Selfa’
4. Visit smile.amazon.co.uk rather than amazon.co.uk when you shop!

If you would prefer to buy SELFA something rather than donating money, we often update our ‘Wish List’ on Amazon. Our Activity Coordinators carefully choose what items to add to make sure as many children will benefit from them as possible. We try to stay clear of gifts that are aimed for one or two children (e.g. selection box) because we support over 450 children and it wouldn’t be fair to select only a few. The items on our wish lists are those than can be used within our activities and therefore can be used, and enjoyed, over and over again.

Our wish lists can be found here.

Unwanted Toys Or Games

If you’re having a clear out and have any unwanted games or toys that you think our young people would benefit from, please get in touch and let us know. If we feel it’s something we are missing and would be useful to us then we would be more than happy to take it off your hands. Call 01756 706384.