Fundraising Information

Whatever you do, do it for SELFA.

Whatever you raise, every pound will help local children and families experiencing vulnerabilities.  Your money will go directly towards helping SELFA provide health & wellbeing programmes, peer support groups, targeted holiday workshops and trips & residential breaks.

Want to know what the money raised will go towards?

£50 will pay for a month of drinks and snacks for our afterschool groups!  £100 will help pay for a professional to visit our children and teach them new skills. From circus skills to robotics and dancing to graffiti art – our young people are always learning.  £150 will pay for three sessional staff to support the Activity Coordinator to deliver a 4-hour holiday session.  £250 will pay for accommodation for a two-night residential stay at a local venue.

Getting Started

Getting started is always the hardest part, here are our three quick and easy ways to get started

1. Decide how you will fundraise!

There are so many fun ways to raise money.
Make sure you challenge yourself but, most importantly, pick something that you know you will enjoy!

2. Download your SELFA fundraising pack

Your fundraising pack will help you along your fundraising journey.

It includes: sponsorship forms, blank invitations, blank poster etc.

3. Let us know!

Please let us know if you’re planning to fundraise for us by emailing  We would love to hear about your exciting plans and wish you good luck along the way.  SELFA might even be able to help you publicise your event and offer some advice.  Whatever you manage to raise, we are extremely grateful for and would like to express our thanks afterwards so please let us know! 


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