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Volunteering is a rewarding way to give back to your community and there are lots of different ways to volunteer at SELFA.  It’s a great way to make a difference in your community as well as a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, improve your CV, build confidence, and have fun.

For us it is important that volunteers are supported and feel part of the SELFA team.  We recognise and appreciate the great effort and commitment from our volunteers and award them with 25, 50, 75 & 100 hour certificates along with a small gift as a thank you.  We also hold a celebration evening which we encourage volunteers to come along to so everyone can see how wonderful you are and how you’ve helped to make a difference.  Another added bonus is that our volunteer roles can also sometimes lead to paid roles for those that want a career working with children and young people.

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Volunteer With Children

SELFA are always looking for special individuals who can dedicate some of their free time to support the children and young people at our activities. From reading stories to welcoming the children and playing Lego to washing up – every day at SELFA is different and there’s always plenty to keep you busy.

We like volunteers to get as involved as possible to help provide a positive experience for the children and young people when they are with us. Volunteering regularly and directly with the children and young people allows you to build positive relationships. You will receive constant smiles and kindness from the children which is very rewarding and makes volunteering your time worthwhile.

Our provision runs after school and in the evenings in term-time and throughout the day in school holidays. We also run various activities over the weekend. If you are interested in volunteering at SELFA then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a chat to find out more.

Volunteer Your Skills

Do you have a skill that you could share?  Perhaps you teach a skill, such as dance, to children and could volunteer to do the same at SELFA.

In the school holidays, we often have professionals visit us and run small workshops for the children.  The majority of the time, these can be very expensive and take up a lot of our holiday budget so we are very appreciative when someone is able to volunteer their time to us.

Maybe, you’re knowledgeable in an area you think our staff could benefit from learning about and could volunteer your time to share what you know.  The less money we can spend on training and admin costs, the more money we can spend on direct contact with our children and young people.

Student Volunteer Placements

Are you currently studying at university and are required to complete a number of hours of volunteering as part of your course?  If so, we can offer this for committed, enthusiastic students who want to gain invaluable experience of working with children of different ages and abilities. 

We can offer both weekly term-time placements or summer holiday placements.  Ensure you get in touch well in advance of when your hours need to be completed so we can put a plan together to meet your course requirements.

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