September 27th – October 3rd Highlights

Welcome back to our highlights of last week blog! Last week was filled with adventure, life skills and fun as each group worked hard to achieve their goals! 

Up first, we are heading over to the first of our Saturday sessions as SELFA Shine learnt all about ordering at a cafe. First, the group ran a practice cafe at SELFA where they chose from a menu and had their order taken from our sessional staff member Tracey. After the group had some practice, they took a trip to Revive cafe where they were able to put their skills to the test as they each ordered a drink and a snack! The group worked so hard and in the end, they got to enjoy sitting in the cafe and enjoy their snacks with their friends. 

Our other Saturday club was SELFA Sensational who were focused on developing teamwork. To do this, the group learnt how to share and work as a team to build incredible marble runs. The sheer size of their creations meant that they could not do this by themselves and therefore realised that if they work in a team then they can make an even bigger marble run. 

Teamwork was also the order of business at our first Youth group as SELFA Youth continued to develop their ukulele abilities. The group are working hard to ensure that they play harmoniously which will lead to their performances being even better. Each week, the group grows in confidence and we can tell that they are thriving. Last week however, there was one young person who wanted to push themselves that extra mile and that was Harvi. Harvi asked the ukulele instructor to show him how to play happy birthday. Harvi then practiced and practiced and eventually he mastered it and he was so proud of himself. 

Our other Wednesday Youth group was SELFA Wellness who were focused on mindfulness last week. The girls made mandalas which allowed them to relax and reflect on their lives. The groups reflections lead them onto their second focus of the week, which was gratitude. The girls wrote down everything that they were grateful for and then posted their thoughts into our new gratitude box. 

SELFA Sports Leaders group were treated to a fitness bingo session which was led by our very own Billy. Billy was great at showing the other young people how to do certain workouts and everybody felt better for it at the end. The group realised how fitness can help to improve our mental wellbeing and that keeping fit can be done at home. 

Our final two youth groups joined forces last week as we had a special visitor in to teach both Engage and Youth Council about the many ways that we can look after our mental health and how we can spot bad mental health before it develops into something uncontrollable. For many of the group, they were working with other young people that they had not worked with in the past. This meant that new friendships were able to form which we were delighted to see.

Our first primary school aged group from last week was SELFA Starters who made nature animal collages. This meant that the group would design animals using materials such as twigs, leaves and berries. The group worked really hard to find the right materials for their collages and they created some beautiful images. We would also like to say how grateful we are to our new staff member Millie who stepped in to lead her first session ever at the last minute. Millie was so supportive to the children and made the session super fun for everyone.  

Up next we have community champs who spent their session taking part in a three hearts, one wish activity where they would decide what three things they liked about their community and one thing that they wish could be better. This was to help them to decide what they want their project focus to be around this term and the group decided that they wanted to help refugees in their community. We are delighted that they have chosen such an important topic in the world right now. 

Our final group is Inspire who also spent their session brainstorming their worries and concerns for joining secondary school. This means that the SELFA staff can now plan informative sessions which will help the group to feel more confident when the time comes and they begin secondary school. 

Our Star of the Week, Harvi

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