August 30th – September 5th Highlights

That’s a wrap on summer as last week marked the end of the most amazing, incredible, magical and fun summer holidays. This summer has been everything that we could have wished for following the pandemic which put a stop to trips and a lot of activities last year. This has only made the summer holidays better for the children as we made up for lost time and gave them the summer that they truly deserved. Last week ended with a bang as the children and young people came together for one last time before they go back to school.

Up first we have our 4-7’s group who were lucky enough to have not one but two wonderful activities last week as they were on the hunt for strikes to start when they took a trip to the bowling alley which provided some healthy competition for them all. Everyone was a star performer and each and every group had so much fun bowling. Following their trip to the bowling ally, the children returned to Ings only to be met with two colourful bouncy cancels! They bounced to their hearts content and some of the staff even had a go. 

Our 8-11’s primary group took on a messy activity in their groups as they helped out in our wildlife area. With SELFA looking to make this a safe space for the children to learn everything there is to know about nature, we wanted to give the children the opportunity to make the area their own by planting the flowers and plants that they desired. The children learnt all of the steps that are taken when growing a plant and they had a very fun – and messy – time.

The next highlights come from our SEND sessions who finished the summer holidays with a stay and play session in which they made their own bubbles to blow. The bubbles got bigger and bigger and in the end they had created bubbles the size of their heads. The children had so much fun chasing theirs and their friend’s bubbles around the room! That wasn’t the only activity that the SEND group had however, as they enjoyed one final trip out but this time they got to go to South Lakes Zoo with their families. The children were fortunate enough to see tigers, penguins and many more animals which made for a great day out and a perfect end to summer.

This was not the only group that went on an animal excursion as our North Craven Primary group ventured out to Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. Here, the children were able to get close and personal with lots of animals like the monkeys! 

As a children’s charity, SELFA have felt so well supported by our local community as well as larger organisation this summer and we would like to say how eternally grateful we are for this. Over this summer, we have been able to provide sessions for 254 children in the Skipton and Craven area which fills our hearts with joy. If you would like to show your support to SELFA and help us to continue to provide these vital sessions for vulnerable children and their families please consider donating by clicking the ‘Donate now’ button at the top of the page.

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