SELFA run a fun-packed programme of activities for children and young people aged 4-19 (up to 25 with SEND), of all abilities, throughout the year. We aim to offer each young person at least one activity per-week in the school holidays. SELFA follows the North Yorkshire Council school term and holiday dates.

We understand that school holidays can be difficult for children and young people as routines are disrupted and they can lack opportunities to interact with peers. At SELFA, we provide opportunities and a safe, supportive environment to ensure that all children and young people can continue to build resilience, thrive, and achieve in the school holidays.

Examples of past school holiday activities include baking, crafts, team sports, farm visits, nature walks, canal boat rides, trampolining, pantomimes, caving and many more!

SELFA’s Children & Young People’s Workers plan and deliver holiday activities in the following groups:

In Skipton
> Reception-Year 3
> Years 3-6
> Secondary-age

In North Craven
> Primary-age (based in Settle)
> Primary-age (based in Bentham)
> Secondary-age (usually based in Bentham)

> Young people aged 4-25 attend activities with a parent/carer. Rest of the family, including siblings, are welcome to join.

We aim to provide a hot meal at each holiday session.

Siblings are also invited to our SEND holiday sessions!

We aim to get outdoors as much as possible.

We provide young children with new experiences.

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