How to Fundraise Using Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a beautiful day of bringing people closer together. You and your partner are the main focus and people will respect your wishes on the day. Have you ever considered using this factor to fundraise for your chosen charity? Check out the list below and find out how you can fundraise using your wedding day. 

Donate a Portion of Your Budget: 

Once you have organised your wedding budget, why not cut down on some areas of your wedding day and donate the money saved to your chosen charity?

Sell Your Wedding Dress and Donate the Proceedings: 

Weddings dresses are a huge expense when it comes to weddings. One option to raise money for charity, is to sell your dress and then donate the money raised to charity.

Swap Your Wedding Gifts For a Fundraising Page:

Wedding gifts are a staple of all weddings, you create a list of items that you want and guests buy them for you. Another option is to say to guests “we don’t want gifts at our wedding, instead we have created a fundraising page for our chosen charity. Please donate to that instead.”

Host a Bachelor or Bachelorette Fundraising Event:

Get your best men and best women together to fundraise as a team as a part of your pre wedding celebrations. Using the power of working in a team you will be able to reach a large pool of people and raise a great amount for charity. 

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