We run a full programme of activities for school-age children (4-19). The information in this section is for children with a level of support/physical needs which means they are unable to access SELFA’s other activities.  Many of the children who come to these activities have profound and multiple disabilities.

How to access our activities

To access activities your child/children must be referred to SELFA by a professional working with them or their family. This can be a class or head teacher, social worker, support worker, health visitor or other agency such as Carers’ Resource or CAMHS.

Our referral form can be found in downloads. The form MUST be completed in full, giving the reason for referral and be signed by both the parent/carer and the referrer. Providing full information helps us give appropriate support and gauge level of need.

Once registered with us, the parent/carer will be added to our mailing list and receive details of planned activities. Please note, we do not have the resources to send information by post or contact each parent directly so please provide an email address. All activities are also put on our website.

Programmes, workshops and trips have a closing date, after which we allocate and confirm places by email.  We will offer as many places as possible, but if your child does not get on to a chosen activity they will be added to the reserve list and we will get in touch if we have any cancellations.