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How to Fundraise Using Your Birthday

Is your birthday fast approaching as well as your burning desire to fundraise for a charity like SELFA? Why not combine the two and fundraise using your birthday? It is so simple and as the day is all about you, … Read more >

6 Tips For Summer Parenting

The summer holidays is a whole new ball game when it comes to parenting. Looking after your child for long periods of time without the respite of school, can sometimes be a worrying time for some parents. Here are six … Read more >

How Your Children Can Help You Fundraise

Wanting to fundraise but having children to look after can sometimes feel like it is getting in the way of your challenge. However, have you ever considered doing the fundraising challenge with your children? Children do not have to be … Read more >

July 12th-18th Highlights

Last week was the final week of our term time sessions as we ramp up our preparations for our summer holiday sessions and we can’t wait! The groups were able to enjoy the sun and most of the groups got … Read more >

Quick Fundraising For Busy People

Fundraising is an exciting opportunity that everyone should have the chance to do, no matter what. However, have you ever wanted to raise money for a cause that you believe in, but you simply do not have the time? Then … Read more >

July 5th-12th Highlights

Welcome back to your favourite weekly blog, from your favourite local children’s charity. Last week saw the majority of the group being able to get outside and experience nature in a variety of different ways. Starting off in Bentham, we … Read more >

Top 10 Tips For Fundraising

Are you nervous about starting a fundraiser? Not knowing whether or not it will be a success is a big fear to overcome before you set up your fundraising event. Well fear not, as SELFA has compiled a list of … Read more >

June 28th-July 4th Highlights

As we go into the final month of our term-time activities before the summer holidays begin, we reflect on last week’s highlights. The sun was shining and the groups all enjoyed a bit of time in the sun as they … Read more >

June 21st-27th Highlights

The stars were shining at SELFA last week, as we had a whopping four stars of the week’s in our sessions! Along side this, your local children’s charity got out into nature, celebrated pride month, enjoyed rebound therapy, held fundraisers, … Read more >