David’s Story

David first started attending SELFA activities whilst he was still at primary school and was referred to us as he helps his Mum with small tasks who has a lifelong disability. Attending our primary workshops gave David a break from home life and of the caring responsibilities he took on around the home. David had a difficult transition to secondary school where he was bullied; his health and wellbeing suffered from this.

Due to the emotional impact David struggled with school and social situations and left to start home education with the support of his Mum & Dad. In this period David became more and more isolated and disengaged in everyday life of as a young person, which had a negative influence on his physical and mental health.

Mum and dad approached us to get David back involved with SELFA, from here on he joined our SELFA Youth holiday activities, SELFA social, (weekend and evening activities), and our SELFA Active club weekly sessions. Our SELFA Active club provided a relaxed and supportive environment for David where being active, fit and healthy was fun.

David, now 14, has become a fully committed attendant of SELFA. As well as partaking in exercise, the sessions have given David a chance to socialise and interact, gain valuable nutrition advice and opportunities to try new sports and alternative ways of being active. David shows great interest and enthusiasm whilst at the club and has progressed hugely, it has allowed him to start feeling physically and emotionally good about himself again as well as giving him a sense of belonging and hope for the future. David has now started a new secondary school where he has made new friends and is thriving. He continues to be a key member of our SELFA Youth activities, supporting and encouraging new members through peer support.

David’s mum commented:

“David has been going to SELFA groups for several years. We had to remove him from his secondary school due to bullying and SELFA has since become his primary social life. We have seen a dramatic change in him over the last few years through going to SELFA, and his confidence and self-esteem have grown significantly. This is due to him being with other children that have had similar social experiences and events, it has improved his outlook on life in general.”

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