A-Z Of Fun Summer Activities

As a children’s charity, we have a pretty good idea on what fun activities are. Filling a summer holidays full of fun activities is not always an easy task and it is very easy for parents to forget about a lot of activities that they can do. So why not check out our list and use it as inspiration for your families summer holiday.

A for Arts and Crafts 

B for Baking

C for Camping

D for Dance Party

E for Exercise

F for Fashion Show

G for Garden Games

H for Hike

I for Ice Cream Making

J for Jump Rope Games

K for Kites At The Park

L for Library

M for Magic Show

N for Nature Crown Making

O for Outside Obstacle Courses

P for Pizza Making

Q for Quiz

R for Rock Painting

S for Star Gazing With Snacks 

T for T-shirt Painting

U for UNO In The Sun

W for Water Fight

X for X Marks The Spot, Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Y for Yo-Yo Making

Z for Zoo

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