How to Tell Your Fundraising Story

When you begin fundraising, you will need to set up an online fundraising account. This can be filled with any content that you would like to include. This article will review all of the best things that you can do with your donation page to ensure maximum success when people find themselves on it.

  1. Set The Scene

Talk about all of the incredible work that your chosen charity does and explain how all of the money that you raise will help.

2. Show That You Care

Tell your supporters why you cared enough in the first place in order to take action. Being honest and open will help people to see the value of what you are doing and how much it means to you. This could in turn, help to bring in more donations.

3. Explain How The Money Will Be Spent

Telling supporters where their money will be spent once donated is a great idea. This means that people are more likely to donate as they will see the immediate impact of their donation. If you are unsure on where the money will go, you can ask your chosen charity or they may have a section on their website that explains where it will go. We have this at SELFA, click here to find out more.

4. Keep it Clear and Concise 

If your bio is short and snappy, your supporters will find it easier to connect with you instead of having to sift through a wall of text to find out everything they need to know about your challenge.

5. Use Quotes 

Using quotes from your chosen charity is an easy way to explain the impact that your chosen charity is making. These will most likely be found on their website or alternatively you could get in touch with someone at the charity and get some extra quotes through them.

6. Include Links 

Add links to your donation page. This could be linked to news articles, blog posts or your charity’s website. This will help people to find out more about the charity quickly which will mean that all of the information is readily available for them. 

7. Add Photos 

It’s true what they say, a picture does speak a thousand words. You can add photos to your fundraising page to help it look more engaging.

8. Add Videos 

Videos are a great way to tell your story, they can capture emotion and passion better than anything else. To add a video to your page, simply upload your video to YouTube then copy the link into your fundraising page. From here, people who visit your page can easily head over to your Youtube and watch your video.  

What do you think to our advice? If there is something else you have done with your fundraising page in the past which worked well for you, we’d love to hear all about it.

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