Top 10 Tips For Fundraising

Are you nervous about starting a fundraiser? Not knowing whether or not it will be a success is a big fear to overcome before you set up your fundraising event. Well fear not, as SELFA has compiled a list of our ten top tips to ensure fundraising success. Read below to find out more!

  1. Look Beyond Your Family and Friends

Family and Friends will always want to help, but what happens when you run out of people to ask?  Casting a wider net to the general public can be a great way to make some extra money for your fundraising event. If you are doing a marathon for a charity, go to your local shop with a bucket and a poster with the charity advertised on it and you will find that you do not need to know someone, for them to donate. 

2. Get Creative

Think outside the box of wear you can advertise your fundraiser. Starting by sharing it on social media, this is a great start but eventually your post will become hidden beneath other content. Think about where you could advertise more permanently. You could create a flyer and ask local shops to display it or you could even create a life-size cutout of yourself in your fundraising gear and put it in busy places. There is no end to wacky ideas that can help to attract more donors. 

3. Use Your Hobbies

Picking a challenge that is linked to a personal hobby of yours is a great way to fundraise. You will have far more fun doing a challenge of something that you love doing for free anyway. Choosing a hobby that you are passionate about will also help to give you more drive and motivation which in turn, will mean that you will communicate what you are doing for charity even better. This will help people to believe in you and your cause, leading to more – and sometimes larger donations.

4. Utilise Local Community

It is amazing what our local community can do when it comes to fundraising. The regular places that you go or have been to in the past such as schools, pubs or restaurants are a great place to ask to help with fundraising. Organising a non-uniform day at your old school, hosting a dine & donate at your favourite restaurant are both incredible ways to raise money and more often than not, the other organisations will be excited to form a partnership with you as it will help to raise the awareness of their organisation too. 

5. Food is Your Friend 

Food fundraising events are a great way to raise money for charity. They are relatively inexpensive to set up and very often local bakeries or restaurants will be happy to donate food or drinks to support your event (just be sure to say thank you on social media). For SELFA’s recent cream tea day, all of our ingredients were donated to us by various organisations, in exchange for a shoutout online so that people can see their gesture. This meant that the fundraising only made money as none was spent on the set up. 

6. Use Your Skills 

Are you well trained in something? From being a qualified chef or having your football coaching badges, why not use these skills to fundraise? As a chef you could host an event where people donate what they feel the food was worth or as a football coach you could host a football training session for children that their parents pay for and then you donate that back to charity. 

7. Challenge Yourself 

Don’t be afraid of what you are doing! The more outrageous, the more likely people are to donate. Doing something like shaving your head is a drastic change to your life and the public will see that. This will show them how much you are willing to do for your chosen charity and so, they will feel like it is a cause worth investing in. 

8. There’s No Harm in Asking!

If you are hosting an event that requires prizes, food, drinks or equipment, instead of buying it yourself and taking it out of your total money raised, it is always worth asking people in your local community to help. If you are hosting a sporting event, why not ask a local school if you can borrow equipment? if you are hosting a coffee morning and need to rent a space to do it, why not ask your local village hall if you can have it for a few hours for free? The possibilities are endless when you simply ask, and the worst that can happen is that someone will say no.

9. Make it Personal 

When you ask for donations, people will care more if you reach out to them as an individual instead of just posting something onto your Facebook, hoping that your friends and family will all donate. Why not write them all a letter and give it to them in person. You will help to make them feel special and so, they are much more likely to donate to your fundraiser. 

10. Thank You is a Powerful Tool 

You should never forget to say thank you to your donors. They have given your cause money and traction to go on and reach your goal. Write them a letter, an email, a Facebook message, a text or if you have their phone number, why not give them a call. A thank you is a small gesture of kindness to someone that believes in you. 

Have you tried these? Let us know if they have helped you or if you have some tips of your own, we would love to hear them too!

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