Quick Fundraising For Busy People

Fundraising is an exciting opportunity that everyone should have the chance to do, no matter what. However, have you ever wanted to raise money for a cause that you believe in, but you simply do not have the time? Then fear not, as SELFA have a few different ways that you can fundraise – even with a busy schedule. All it takes is a few simple ideas and an online donation platform. If you need help with the set up of your fundraising page then why not check out our How to Get Started With Fundraising article.

So now that you know, it is possible to get a quick fundraising drive going, what do you need to do? First off, you will need to select your chosen charity for example, SELFA. After this, you will create your new fundraising page and choose your challenge. Here are our top three fundraising ideas for busy people. 

  1. Shave Your Head

This is perhaps the most simple, yet daring fundraising challenge that you will find. All you need is some clippers -and some courage- and you are good to go with this incredibly quick and easy activity. Friends and family members will commend your bravery and so, it is sure to return a good donation amount and while you are at it, you will receive an easy to manage hairstyle!

2. Give Something Up 

Another simple challenge that will require no planning or preparation. Simply give up something you enjoy for a set amount go time or for good. People will admire the sacrifice that you are making, hence making your cause all the more worthwhile to them which will lead to more donations. The beauty of this challenge is that it only requires a little bit of effort to change your normal routine.

3. Get Your Friends Involved 

The more the merrier when you and your friends all have busy schedules. Why not share the load and do a fundraiser together? Arrange between you what your challenge will be and then allocate responsibilities to each of you. This could be one person setting up the fundraising page, one person getting the equipment you need and one person telling all of your other friends about it. This will make the work you put in to the fundraiser tiny compared to what you will get out. The best thing about this fundraiser is that the more people involved, the more people can send it out to their other friends and families on social media which will means you will reach a greater audience, leading to more donations. 

We would love to know if you are a busy person but this has inspired you to try to fundraise with your busy schedule, so be sure to email us or tell us on social media!

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