June 28th-July 4th Highlights

As we go into the final month of our term-time activities before the summer holidays begin, we reflect on last week’s highlights. The sun was shining and the groups all enjoyed a bit of time in the sun as they engaged with their activities. Whether it was watching England progress to the quarter finals or making crafts outside, SELFA was the ideal place to be last week!

Starting off with SELFA Engage, the Euros took the groups’ focus for this week as they were eager to show their support and cheer England on together. The group started off by making England flags so that they could fly them high as England put two goals past Germany. This created our first star of the week, Riley. Riley was very delicate and careful when making his England flag and once it was done, he showed off what a great fan of England he is! Following the game, Engage enjoyed the quesadillas that they prepared before then going onto an activity all about gratitude and then finished off the session with some healthy competition in a game of table tennis. 

Over at Girls Rock, gratitude was also the focus of the day as the girls reflected on three aspects of their day that they were grateful for. This was a lovely, mindful activity that helps us to see that even bad days have good moments. The girls were then treated to some Quesadillas made my Karen and a few of them decided that our Pride display was in need of a big flag and so, they got to work on designing the most beautiful pride flag you will ever see. 

Many of our groups got to appreciate the sun in new and exciting places for their sessions this week. Sports Leaders were invited to Craven Crown Green Bowls Club by Tommy, a member of the group who plays at the club regularly. Everyone other than Tommy, had never played this sport before and so, it was an incredible opportunity for them to learn something new. Many from the group has decided that they will go back in the future to play. Thank you, Tommy for opening some new eyes to a sport that you care so much for. 

The next trip out was Community Champs’ excursion to Embsay Reservoir which gave the group a fresh opportunity to explore a new place in our community. The majority of the group had not been here before and so, it became an eye opening opportunity for them as they enjoyed collecting feathers, spotting wildlife and taking in the beautiful outdoors by being mindful and listening to the sounds of nature. One thing is for sure, the group will be eager to go back as soon as they possibly can!

Swimming was the order of the day for SELFA Youth as they went back to one of our favourite places, Eshton Grange. The group were ecstatic when they found out what they were doing in their weekly session and so, the group had the most amazing time at the outdoor swimming pool. Following their swim, SELFA Youth spent some time with the animals which was a wonderfully calming activity to close their packed out session. 

Our final trip away from Ings primary was SELFA Active, who took a trip to Aireville Park. The session started with a great circle time where every member of the group was able to share their ideas and how they were feeling, whilst being listened to and respect by the other group members. They discussed the different ways of being active at a park before going on to play some games of their own. Active were then treated to some ice-lollies to cool off after a busy day at the park. 

Our final groups in Skipton were Thrive and Inspire who enjoyed a similar project in their groups as they relished the opportunity to do some arts and crafts in the playground. Starters took part in some painting outside, they created some masterpieces before having some free time to play. Thrive’s project was slightly different as the group made decorations using wood, paper and sewing equipment to be placed on the trees outside, in order to make our outdoor space even brighter!

Last but not least, we have our Bentham Groups. Our Bentham Primary group’s session was all about happiness. The group thought about a place that makes them happy before going onto making bird feeders in order to make the birds as happy as they were. Bentham Youth used their creativity to explore different emotions as they drew what they think different emotions look like. This was a great way for the group to recognise what they might look like when they display certain emotions. 

Our Star of The Week, Riley!

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