July 5th-12th Highlights

Welcome back to your favourite weekly blog, from your favourite local children’s charity. Last week saw the majority of the group being able to get outside and experience nature in a variety of different ways.

Starting off in Bentham, we have North Craven Primary who enjoyed the exquisite weather by going to the park and getting creative with nature. The group decided to make something using their imagination and as you can see from the picture, they did a great job as they made things like bow and arrows. The group were super proud of their creations!

Following this session, was Bentham’s Youth Group who also enjoyed a trip to the park but this time, they were working towards their John Muir Award by creating a bug hotel. The group worked tirelessly to ensure that they created the most amazing hotel for all of the bugs to come and stay in. This required them to think about what bugs need to survive and what conditions they like to sleep in. The end result was phenomenal and the group should be proud of themselves for forming the best bug hotel you will find. 

Back down to Skipton now, and we have Tuesday’s SELFA Engage group who took a quick trip to the canal to enjoy a mindful walk and gather their thoughts and emotions from the day that was coming to a close. To celebrate a successful walk along the canal, the group were treated to some chips which the team got to eat together which was a great bonding experience for all. Engage also took part in a gratitude journal following on from last week’s gratitude inspired activities. This produced our first star of the week, Matthew who managed to list three good things that had happened each day. 

One of our other Tuesday groups, Thrive had a lot of fun in their session as they made Ice Cream in a bag! This was an incredibly successful activity and after they made the ice cream they picked their toppings and then took their seats ready for a movie night. This was a great, feel good session for Thrive who loved every minute of it. 

Up next we had a joining up of two groups as Starters and Inspire came together as the year 6’s in Inspire took charge of the session and showed our youngest group the wonders of parachute games in the sun. Inspire showed them old games and even came up with some new ones too showing great leadership skills – a vital skill to have going into secondary school. 

Our next group to highlight is Smile Project, who put the finishing touches to their ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ video that they sent to their friends at Ashfield Care Home. With restrictions still stopping the group from going into the care home, the group have gotten creative and made a video of them doing the Makaton signs to ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ and sent it to them over the internet so that the older people can maintain their solid bonds with our Smile Project. If you would like to watch this video, it can be found on our social media channels. Smile Project’s Fearne also found a new way to make the group smile as she brought her hamster in for everyone to meet which makes her our second star of the week. The joy that this brought to the group was exquisite. Thanks Fearne! 

Over at Girls Rock, they enjoyed a taster session for what is to come for their summer holiday sessions. Girls Rock will be working closely NYMAZ who will be delivering DJ workshops with DJ NikNak coming in throughout the summer holidays. The girls absolutely loved their taster session as they learnt how to fade in and out of songs. This taster session brought us our next stars of the week, with Teghan and Shannelle shining the brightest as they showed great enthusiasm and got stuck into the activity. 

Our final group to highlight from last week was SELFA Youth, who took part in another forrest schools session. Before they got out in the nature, the group checked in with their feelings inside so that they could see how everyone’s day was going. After this, the group raced outside to learn their new skills for the week. They put hammocks up, chopped wood and cooked hot dogs on the fire. Our final star of the week from last week was Harry, Harry is new to this group and got stuck in making new friends and getting involved in all of the activities which the SELFA staff absolutely love to see.  

Our Stars of The Week, Teghan, Shannelle, Fearne, Harry and Matthew for his gratitude diary.

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