July 12th-18th Highlights

Last week was the final week of our term time sessions as we ramp up our preparations for our summer holiday sessions and we can’t wait! The groups were able to enjoy the sun and most of the groups got to try something new in their activities. Read on to find out more! 

We start off this week’s blog with Community Champs who visited the newly opened Craven museum in order to see how their community has changed, grown and developed over time. The children had an opportunity to explore the museum and find interesting facts all about Skipton before sharing their findings with the rest of the group. The children were able to learn a great deal about the history of their community; understanding more about the mining in Craven and why we not have a Canal. The group were intrigued the whole time and were extremely inquisitive! This day out has allowed them to understand what their community is all about which will now mean that they will be better informed when choosing community projects in the future.

Moving on, we have Sports Leaders who finally got their wish to go back to Craven Bowls Club, where they got to give it a go themselves this time! Each young person received their own bowls to play with and competed against their chosen partner. Everyone was given support from club members Warren, Rebecca, Robert and SELFA’s very own Tommy, who gave them tips and advice on how to succeed at this new sport. Tommy explained the game clearly and told the group how to score points and bowl accurately. The feedback from the group was extraordinary as each group member decided that they would love to do this again in the future. The group have learned that bowls requires a lot of skill and precision but with patience and perseverance, it is a sport that they can do well in. The game of bowls brought out a few stars of our own as Hannah and Joe were our star players last week, they took the sport on and succeeded!

Our next groups are Inspire and Starters who teamed up once again as they looked to learn vital skills from each other. This time, a member from Inspire and a member from Starters paired up and took on a SELFA orienteering task. The pairs were given a map of Ings School with red markings on it which indicated where they should go to find a letter on a piece of paper. In total there were 10 letters available which spelled out ‘SELFA is fun’ in an anagram. The group would find all of the letters and then they would need to reorder the letters to find the secret phrase. This was a great opportunity for Inspire to develop their leadership and problem solving skills.

Over at Youth Council, they were treated to an ice cream making session to cool down in the heat. The group mixed the ingredients together in a bag before placing that bag into an even bigger bag of ice and salt and shook it until it has their ideal ice cream texture. Some of the ice creams went better than others but either way, it was a fun activity for all!

Saturday Club also found themselves developing new methods to cool down in the melting sun. This proved to be an extremely fun day for everyone as we got the slip & slide and paddling pool out for everyone to splash around in and cool down. The staff even got involved and found themselves throwing buckets of water on themselves to cool down. Everyone learnt the values of hydration and we will now know what to do in the future on hot days. Saturday Club also managed to produce another star of the week for you all as Evie managed to maintain high energy levels even on this super hot day which is exactly what the group needed. 

Our final group from last week was Engage. Engage went to the local pool hall and enjoyed a short trip away from SELFA for the day. The group were ecstatic to go as it is something that many of them have not done for a long time. The group found that in order to succeed, they needed good focus and decision making skills. 

Our stars of the week,. Hannah, Joe and Evie

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