How Your Children Can Help You Fundraise

Wanting to fundraise but having children to look after can sometimes feel like it is getting in the way of your challenge. However, have you ever considered doing the fundraising challenge with your children? Children do not have to be excluded from fundraising, in fact there are tons of positives to letting them get involved. Allowing children to raise money for charity is a great way to teach them social responsibility and how their actions can help to make a difference to others and finally, fundraising is always a lot easier with more helping hands – even if they are little. 

Here are our favourite ways that children and young people can help you to fundraise.

1. Organise a Bake sale 

This is a wonderful activity to bring you and your children closer together and you can all learn some new cooking/baking skills along the way. Children can be amazing in helping you bake as it is something that most young people love to get involved with. You can create new recipes together or follow new ones, knowing full well that your child is learning something for the future from this experience. When it comes to the bake sale day, having children around can be incredibly useful as they can make refreshments, chat to donors and you can spend some quality time with them. 

2. School

Organise an event at your children’s school. With your child going to school, you have an immediate way in to arrange a fundraising drive. You could agree to meet with the headteacher and arrange a school wide fundraiser which could be something like a non-uniform day or a talent show. One other option is to set up a fundraiser for your child’s class then try to get all of the other parents on board. This will give you around 30 people to share the fundraiser to their friends and family which will mean your fundraising potential is increased. 

3. Join an Event 

There are absolutely loads of events out there that are child friendly so why not sign you and your children up? These kind of events include Dog Jogs, Swimathons and Marathons and if you and your child aren’t the athletic type, then you can find many more events that require no athletic ability. Fundraising truly is for everyone

4. Do Something They Love

Choose a challenge inspired by one of your child’s passions. This will make the fundraiser all the more exciting and your child will be more motivated to do it. Whether it is something to do with video games, sports or arts & crafts, as long as your child loves it, people will see the value of your fundraising and are more likely donate.

Using your children to help you to fundraise is a winning practice. The public love to see positive parent and child relationships and it will play on the heart strings of them when you tell your fundraising story. This is a sure route to success and we’d love to hear about how you get on with our tips!  

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