How to Fundraise Using Your Birthday

Is your birthday fast approaching as well as your burning desire to fundraise for a charity like SELFA? Why not combine the two and fundraise using your birthday? It is so simple and as the day is all about you, people will be excited to help out a charity that you are willing to dedicate your birthday to. 

Here is SELFA’s three step guide to creating a birthday fundraiser!

  1. Ask People to Donate The Amount That They Were Going to Spend on Your Present to Your Chosen Charity.

This is a very straightforward method. When someone asks your what you want for your birthday, simple send them a link to a donation page for your charity. Here, you will have made it hassle free for the other person and it will be a lot easier than making them go out and buy you a desired present. However, if your friends or family are the type to surprise you, maybe tell them sooner rather than later what you are doing for your birthday. 

2. Ask People to Buy Items Off of Your Charities’ Amazon Wishlist

A lot of charities now have an Amazon Wishlist which is an Amazon page where you can see everything that your chosen charity wants/needs. From here, your friends can find an item that is a similar price to their present price range and buy it for the charity on behalf of your birthday. Here is an example of what SELFA’s Amazon Wishlist looks like:

3. Utilising The Facebook Fundraising Feature 

On Facebook, you can create Facebook fundraisers where people can quickly and easily donate through Facebook with the click of a button. Simply name your fundraiser ‘…’s Birthday Fundraiser’ and people can see who you are fundraising for and what your target goal is for your big day. SELFA has had a lot of success with this in the past, with staff members doing it as well as our supporters, so if you feel like doing a Facebook birthday fundraiser for SELFA, we would be delighted. 

Are you thinking of doing any of this for your birthday? If so, let us know and we would love to cheer you on and wish you a huge happy birthday from all of us at SELFA! 

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