May 31st – June 6th Highlights

Last week was the May half-term, which meant that we got to see a lot of faces that we do not get to see every week, as well as the superstars that attend our term-time sessions. The weather was amazing and the kids were wonderful all week, which meant that last week was so fun at SELFA!

Up in Bentham, North Craven Primary enjoyed a two mile walk along the Bentham Heritage Trail. The group worked on their map reading skills and even crafted their own journey sticks to help them keep up their pace. The journey stick making helped us to choose our first star of the week, Mia. Mia was able to get super creative and made the most extraordinary stick! North Craven Youth group also enjoyed the outdoors as they went on a stroll to discover the old oak tree in Bentham as part of their John Muir Award – a new project recently started by the group. Following this the group enjoyed some team bonding by having a water fight down by a river before going to a local park.


In our youth groups during the holidays, everyone got to enjoy the sun with loads of different activities. Girls Rock visited the Meadow with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust as a part of their Bees Together project. The girls visited a wildflower meadow and spent some time leaf bashing in the woods in order to create nice patterns. The group also got to spend some time relaxing in hammocks and then went on to make friendship bracelets using their new found skill of Nordic Braiding. The girls were super proud of their crafts, especially Chelsea and Jess who are our next stars of the week for their incredible persistence which helped them to succeed in a new found skill! 


The next youth group is Youth Sports, who battled hard in an exciting tug of war match with each othor. The games continued onto a capture the flag game before finally going into a game of sponge dodgeball as a unique way of cooling everyone down after a competitive day of teamwork and team bonding. Our final youth group had a wonderful time as they took part in a rebound therapy session in which they were able to find a new way of becoming calm using a trampoline. This session allowed Harry to thrive, which makes him our final star of the week. He was particularly enthusiastic about rebound therapy and had tons of energy which brought the spirits of the group higher which helped to ensure everyone had the best experience possible.  

Over in our primary groups, the 4-7’s and 8-11’s were able to mix with each other for the first time in a long time due to the easing of restrictions. This meant that some old friendships were able to re-form and some new ones were created too. The children got to experience the sun in the best way possible, through playing outside with their friends. The groups enjoyed games of tig, hide and seek and one session even had a huge game of cricket which allowed everyone to get involved. The two age groups were also able to do some arts and crafts as they had the option to use coloured sand to make frog fridge magnets as well as creating lovely crafts using beads. The creativity was incredible! 

All of the groups were wonderful throughout this week and the SELFA staff feel lucky to have had such a positive week with so many great children! 

Our Stars of the week, Mia, Jess, Chelsea and Harry (In order left to right). 

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