June 21st-27th Highlights

The stars were shining at SELFA last week, as we had a whopping four stars of the week’s in our sessions! Along side this, your local children’s charity got out into nature, celebrated pride month, enjoyed rebound therapy, held fundraisers, went swimming and got the bus in this action packed week at SELFA.

Starting off with SELFA Youth, nature was the hot topic of this group last week as they leant how to saw and chop wood so that it was ready for a fire to make delicious food on! Last week’s snack of choice was bacon butties which were extremely popular with the youth group as they worked super hard to ensure they cooked them safely which made them taste all the better! Our first star of the week was Liam, who thrived as he worked with peers to put up hammocks for the group so that they could relax! 

Our next highlight was Saturday Club’s rebound therapy session. Rebound therapy has become a very popular activity with Saturday Club and this week was testament to that. One of the children, Isaac, who is a select mute that has not spoken a word in his two previous sessions excelled today as he showed off his skills on the trampoline but after he was done, Isaac then spoke to SELFA Staff member, Katie; asking her “can we play tennis”. This made Katie’s day as Isaac transformed into a more confident and outspoken child which highlights the incredible work that SELFA can do for children, thus making Isaac our third star of the week. 

Saturday Club also produced another star in Phoebe who, despite being reluctant at first, gave rebound therapy a go for the very first time and absolutely loved it. We adore it when we can give children a new experience that they fall in love with straight away! 

Over at SELFA Engage, the group enjoyed a bit of everything in their packed out session. Engage started off by making collages all about themselves in celebration of pride month as they thought about their personalities and what makes them unique. The group then moved onto to continue their rebound therapy focus as they aim to find new calming strategies using a trampoline. The rebound therapy allowed our next star of the week, Callum, to get innovative as he thought up a new game for him and his peers to play. He led the game beautifully and it displayed his amazing leadership skills to the SELFA staff who were incredibly impressed. 

North Craven Primary continued with the pride theme that SELFA is delighted to be celebrating by designing their own collages, all about what makes them unique. This activity is so healthy for boosting self esteem as we begin to think about things that are deeper than the surface that we love about ourselves; something that without being prompted to do can go amiss. The group then moved over to drawing some feelings monsters which represent how they are feeling about their emotions. 

Last Wednesday’s SELFA Starters session was another pride focused session but this time, they made flags that represented themselves. Following this activity, the group sat around a table and took part in a discussions thinking about what made them unique and special which was a wonderful activity to help the children to boost their self esteem.

Youth Council’s Cream Tea fundraiser is up next as the group had a busy day taking orders, making hot drinks and serving up some delicious scones to SELFA’s supporters. The group managed to raise over £130 for SELFA in one hour, which they are extremely proud of. SELFA’s Youth Council has been looking forward to fundraising for SELFA for a long time now, as they have had to wait until restrictions began to lift until they could safely do so. Our Youth Council continues to impress as they work so hard to ensure SELFA can continue running at its very best, for as long as possible. 

Community Champs helped the Youth Council with preparations for the big event as they baked gluten free and dairy free scones for their fundraiser so that it could be as inclusive as possible! Thrive were also able to offer their support to the event as they went along and cheered the Youth Council on and some of them even offered to help where they could but most importantly the group managed to get some scones for themselves and enjoy them in the sun.

Our Final highlights from last week came from Inspire, SELFA Active and Sports Leaders. At Inspire, the group continued to learn new skills to help them to cope with the transition to secondary school. The group began by walking to Skipton’s bus station before getting the bus to McDonald’s and back. Many of the young people will be getting the bus to their new school, so learning how to independently travel, read bus times, budget and manage their time to ensure they arrive on time is vital. The group agreed that this session has given them the confidence to get the bus to school in September.

Over at Active and Sports Leaders, both groups were welcomed back to a play away at Ashton Grange for a swimming session. The children and young people have missed out on over a year without swimming which made it all the more special to be back! 

Our stars of the week Liam, Isaac, Phoebe and Callum.

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