June 14th-20th Highlights

Welcome back to SELFA’s weekly blog! The past week was full of exciting adventures and activities that our groups had a blast completing. Read on to find out more about the wonderful week at your local children’s charity. 

SELFA Youth began exploring the great outdoors with a trip to Skipton woods. The group enjoyed taking in what nature had to offer before we went on to make clay hedgehogs which the young people were very proud of. The fun didn’t stop here for the group as they then went on to set up hammocks in the woods which was a great way for them to relax after a busy day out in nature.


Over at Sports Leaders, the group took part in nutrition and hydration week! This week is all about raising awareness of the importance nutrition and hydration to keeping ourselves fit and healthy. The group began with a quiz to test their existing knowledge and some even ended up learning some new facts from it. They then went on to discuss the Eatwell guide and started to think about how important a balanced meal is and what their ideal meal would be. It was fascinating to see them sharing tips and suggestions with each other on how they can make their meals healthier. Finally, the group then swapped sports for cooking for once as they enjoyed making omelettes – some of them making them for the first time!


The cooking did not end there for the sessions however, with Inspire and Starters teaming up to make some scones in celebration of our upcoming Cream Tea Fundraiser. The year 6’s at Inspire showed incredible communication Skills and were amazingly patient with the young SELFA Starters from start to finish which resulted in some wonderful looking scones! The groups followed a simple recipe that anyone could follow before enjoying the scones in the sun!

Rebound therapy was back with a bang last week at SELFA Engage, Girls Rock and for the first time ever, Saturday Club had their first rebound therapy session ever! At SELFA Engage, they focussed on developing balance and control and then closed their session off with some mindful music and a massage using the trampoline. Girls Rock’s sessions’ aim was strengthening positive relationships through accessing partner activities within the group. This session was amazing for Shannelle who tried new skills on the trampoline and showing courage as she has made lots of new friends, despite only joining the group recently which makes her our first star of the week. Last but not least in the rebound therapy groups was Saturday Club. With this being their first session, the group started off by getting their bearings on the trampoline but they soon found their feet and had a blast. The group focussed on further developing their relationships with staff and peers through various fun activities! Two of the stand-out performers in this activity were Finley and Luke who worked together expertly well. They showed great enthusiasm and never stopped smiling. 

Our penultimate group to highlight this week is North Craven Youth who reflected on their day with gratitude and thought about the positive things that happened to them. After this, the group thought about water safety and how we can improve it for the local community. They came up with the idea of decorating pebbles with water safety advice for PSO Craig Lyons to place across Craven in order to encourage people to stay safer this summer. 

Our final group is Youth Council who had a special guest come from Craven College to discuss apprenticeships with the Youth Council. For a few of them, apprenticeships are a great option to help them to get into the industries that they want to but they were unsure on how to get started with them. After this visit from Craven College the group now has more knowledge about how to get onto an apprenticeship and where they can get support from! 

Stars of the Week: Finley, Luke and Shannelle (In Order)

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