How to Get Started With Fundraising

Getting started with fundraising can sometimes be a daunting task, which is usually the main reason why people decide not to do it. However, using SELFA’s fundraising tips will help you to know exactly how to fundraise whilst having fun doing it! 

Step 1: Pick your charity

The first stage of fundraising is to choose your charity. Choosing a charity that has a personal connection to you or supports a cause that you truly believe in is very important and aligns with your values is vital. Fundraising for a charity that aligns with your values is a great way to inspire you to work harder in your fundraising challenge – it will also help you to fight your fear of asking for money – an issue that many people have when fundraising.

Step 2: Choose your challenge and Set a Target

The next step is to choose your challenge and set your fundraising target. Choosing your challenge can be more difficult than you may think as there are so many options to do but you also want to make sure it aligns with your chosen charities operations e.g. a challenge involving alcohol probably is not appropriate for a children’s charity such as SELFA. A great way to get fundraising ideas is to check out SELFA’s fundraising pack, this has loads of fundraising ideas about what you can do as well as other resources to help you on your journey. 

After this, you will need to decide how much you are aiming to raise for your charity. Choosing the amount of money that you want to raise can be a tough ask without knowing where the money is going. At SELFA: 

£50 will pay for SELFA to drive to Bentham and back to deliver a North Craven activity – TWICE!

£100 will help pay for a professional to visit our children and teach them new skills. From circus skills to robotics and dancing to graffiti art – our young people are always learning.

£150 will pay for three sessional staff to support the Activity Coordinator to deliver a 4 hour holiday session.

£250 will pay for accommodation for a two night residential stay at a local venue.

This means that you can choose a target and know exactly what the money that you have raised will go towards, so choosing your target should be an easier task. 

Step 3: Set Up a Fundraising Page, Tell Your Story and Spread The Word

The third stage of fundraising is to set up your fundraising page on a donation platform. This could be a Just Giving page or a GoFundMe page will provide you with a link for you to send to your friends and family so that they can donate to your charity challenge. Once this has been created you can begin to tell your story. On donation pages you can write about your challenge and what has inspired you to take it on – which is a great way to get people to press the donate button. Now that your fundraising page is all set up, spread the word! Use your fundraising page link and put it on social media and send it to friends, families and colleagues in work places. 

Step 4. Keep Everyone Updated

The penultimate step when starting a fundraiser, is to keep people updated with your challenge. Share your preparations for the vent and show your progress when completing your challenge. Hard work shows a cause worth investing in, which will help to increase your total amount raised. Share your updates on social media, send messages to donors and show off about the amazing things you have been doing. The kind words and support that people will have for you will keep you going all the way to the end. 

Step 5. Be Thankful 

Last but not least, be thankful. After someone donates to your fundraiser, thank them; send them a message online or send them a letter to show them how grateful you are for the donation.


If you would like to fundraise for SELFA, please contact and let us know all about your challenge and when you will be doing it. SELFA will be here to help you with whatever you need along your fundraising journey! 

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