June 7th-13th Highlights

Last week saw the return to term-time sessions following an epic Half-term the week before. The sessions had some great focuses over the week and this blog will showcase them all!

At Saturday Club, the group celebrated Pride month by painting colourful pictures to add to a Pride display at SELFA. Following this, the group began to think about what makes them unique before painting what this looks like. This was a great way to help to boost their self-esteem as we can sometimes forget to think about all of the great and unique things about ourselves. After a busy start to the session with painting, the group then got to go outside and experience nature first hand. The sun was shining and the group got to feed some ducks which helped to create a very fun activity for everyone involved. 

SELFA’s Explorers group also got to enjoy nature on Sunday as the got to enjoy the hot weather by making nature crowns. Evie did so well to create an amazing crown out of leaves and other flowers which makes us our first star of the week, go Evie! The group then went on to roast some marshmallows on the fire which was a lovely treat for all.

North Craven’s Youth Group continued to work on their John Muir award last week, as they got to go to Dragon’s wood to make leaf print bunting; all the while learning about lots of different tree species in order to broaden their knowledge of nature. 

The nature themed sessions don’t end there though, with both SELFA Youth and Community Champs taking part in their Forest School sessions. This weeks’ focus was the same for both groups as they learnt more about nature, made banana splits on the fire and were tasked with finding something they like in nature. Ethan was able to successfully find a frog to show to the rest of the group as his favourite nature item which makes him our second star of the week! This was however, Community Champs’ final Forest School session. The group has learnt so much about how to enjoy nature whilst ensuring that they are safe. This has been great for the groups confidence in their own abilities. 

Rebound therapy was a major focus last week with Engage, Active and Girls Rock enjoying their sessions by playing fun games on the trampoline such as musical statues, catching challenges as well as being able to get a trampoline massage. The rebound therapy allowed a few stars to shine as Chloe and Riley became our latest stars of the week for their incredible teamwork which helped them to thrive at the catching challenge.

Over at SELFA Inspire, the group celebrated Child Safety Week with Child Accident Prevention Trust as they learnt about the importance of road safety. The group discussed hazards when we are around traffic and how we can reduce the risks to be as safe as possible. The group then looked at planning a route to their new secondary schools; they thought about what would be the safest way to ensure that they get to and from school with minimal danger. The group then had a safe walk into town -with a pitstop at the ice cream van- to put in to practice what they had learnt. 

Stars of the Week, Ethan, Evie, Chloe and Riley (in order)

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