May 24th-30th Highlights

As we go into the May Half-Term, we reflect on an incredible week of our term time activities at SELFA, last week. It was absolutely jam-packed so make sure you read all the way to the end!

Bentham’s Primary continued their work on the Bentham Blooming Project with this weeks focus being more painting of their flowers. This project has allowed the group to be super creative and our first Star of the Week, Isabel was able to shine. Isobel showed incredible creativity and concentration as she worked on her masterpiece. Isobel’s piece of work is going to be a major contribution to Bentham to help it look prettier than ever!

Both SELFA’s Youth Council and Bentham Youth enjoyed a pizza and games night in their sessions. The groups were able to hang out and enjoy spending time with their friends over some competitive games of bench ball and other games like Uno and some delicious pizza. Everyone loved these sessions as it gave them all a bit of free time to relax from any stress in their lives. Bentham Youth also worked on friendship flowers. Friendship flowers are a wonderful feel good activity where you have the opportunity to reflect on your own self worth as well as being able to write down what you like about your friends. 

At SELFA Engage this week, the group enjoyed their first rebound therapy session. Rebound therapy uses trampolines to provide therapeutic exercises which can be extremely useful in helping people to relieve stress and reduce their anger. The group had so much fun and made sure that they worked really hard as a team to ensure that everyone was safe on the trampoline. The group also worked on anger stop signs which required them to think about what their anger looks like and how they can identify it before it gets out of hand. 

Girls rock and SELFA Starters teamed up this week to make some delicious fruit kebabs. The groups then worked on creating their own mandalas together. Mandalas can be extremely useful in focusing our attention on something and we can be extremely proud of the results, which can make us feel amazing about ourselves. 

SELFA’ Youth group enjoyed another Forest School session. This time round, the group got to experience a new craft activity in which they used mallets to print natural colours onto different materials and the results were so rewarding! This session helped Ryan to be another of our our Stars of the Week after he started a fire safely and independently last week and took great pride in his achievement. 

Last week also marked the end of SELFA’s parents group. SELFA’s Parents Group is all about finding new ways to overcome parenting obstacles and the group was made up of some amazing people who formed a tight knit circle over the course of the sessions. The group enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by Cobble Kitchen which went down an absolute treat with everyone to celebrate the ending of the session. 

Going into this week, it is Volunteers Week and we plan on showing off our amazing volunteers to the world and giving them the credit that they deserve. Our volunteers help to keep the day to day running of SELFA smooth. Keep an eye out on our social media this week to see our amazing volunteers! 

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