May 17th-23rd Highlights

Welcome back to SELFA’s weekly blog! Last week was a blast with all of our groups learning plenty of new things in many different areas!

Last week at Community Champs, they began to work on a bug hotel at SELFA to help them to achieve one of their goals: to help wildlife. They thought about all of the things that a bug would like to have in a hotel and Riley was there to welcome SELFA’s bug hotel’s first customer, a slug. After they completed this task, they each learned about fire safety and how to safely start a fire using a flint, this is a vital skill if you need to find warmth in the outdoors. With a fire now lit, this took them onto their final activity, pizza wraps and hot chocolate. The children created their own wrap with pizza toppings and wrapped them in foil before leaving them by the fire to cook. Everyone loved their pizza wrap and hot chocolates! Our star of the week, Lilibeth was part of the Community Champs group. Lilibeth worked really hard to create an amazing little shelter for the bugs, made up of wood, string and leaves.

Following on from Community Champs, was Sports Leaders. The session kicked off with some agility training to get the young people ready and warmed up for their competitive tennis and table tennis games. Following on from this, the group split up into two groups, one group played table tennis doubles on our table outside and the other group played some hand-eye coordination tennis games before breaking off into some competitive matches. The groups had a blast playing the various forms of tennis last week! 

Youth Council’s session followed on from their discussion about what provisions are in their local community but this time, they researched what provisions were available to help young people find jobs in their community. The young people did extensive research on iPads and phones and found useful websites and local businesses that are designed to help them to find jobs. The group learnt a lot and with so many of them wanting to acquire their own jobs, they have found some super useful places and advice to help them to get their ideal jobs! 

SELFA Inspire Teamed up with Girls Rock for a Boxercise session from Kanga Sports. The two groups worked so well together and everyone loved getting active. Brady from Inspire loved it so much that he said “I needed that, it made me feel healthy and good about myself. Inspire then went on to make Quesadilla’s which is another simple, easy recipe to help build up their cooking skills for independence. 

Engage did their own Mandala making as a way of mindful meditation. This helped them to relax by calming their thoughts. They were also able to express themselves creatively through choosing colours to represent their feelings. 

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