May 10th-16th Highlights

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and most of our groups took part in activities that can help to improve our mental health. Everyone learnt a lot and left their groups with more awareness about their mental health. 

Community Champs kicked off Mental Health Awareness Week when they began a campaign centred around this years theme, nature. The group all thought about what they like to do with nature and how it helps them with their mental health – it was amazing to see how much the children loved connecting with nature. 

SELFA’s Youth Council’s mental health themed activity was a discussion about mental health in their local community. The group discussed what mental health provisions are readily available in their community as well as what provisions they wish were available. They then considered where SELFA fit in with all of this in helping them with their mental health but we also learnt that there are some extra things that we could be doing to help our young people further.

SELFA Starters learned about Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme of getting about in nature! They explored our grounds to find interesting things to make a sensory nature bag. Not only are they interesting to look at, but the feeling of the bags can be very soothing and help us to calm our bodies down. This can be a great way to help children to have better mental health. 

At SELFA Inspire, they were busy making a tree of life for themselves. Here, they made a tree out of real nature resources such as leaves and twigs and thought about how their life is like a tree. They thought about their roots, their goals, their qualities and what they are worried about. This allowed them to celebrate themselves as they thought about where they want to go in life and what obstacles they need to overcome to get there.

SELFA Youth enjoyed their second Forest School session. Last week, they developed their tent building and fire lightning skills as well as having hot dogs and marshmallows around the fire. All of them were extremely sensible and respectful of the nature around us.

SELFA Thrive worked in pairs to make biscuits! They practised reading the recipe all by themselves and took turns to follow it step by step. Our Star of the Week came from Thrive with Luke! Luke told us that this was the first time he had done some baking since he contracted meningitis. His amazing positive attitude helped him to follow all the steps and made some delicious biscuits to share with his family.

Bentham Primary carried on with their art project, ‘Bentham in Bloom’ with Pioneer Projects. The aim of this project is to brighten up Bentham and to help it to look even nicer. Last week, they were painting their flowers that will be getting put up around Bentham. The group made so many beautiful colours and the flowers turned out great!

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