April 26th – May 2nd Highlights

Welcome back to SELFA’s weekly blog! Last week was filled with teamwork, self esteem and creative activities, keep reading to find out more!

First off, we have SELFA Active who had their first rebound therapy session which our coordinators, Sam and Katie have recently been trained and qualified to start taking sessions for. The Active group found a new way of exercising using the trampoline. It helped to promote their balance, agility and coordination and potentially more importantly, their spacial, body and social awareness. The group also worked on boosting their self esteem by writing positive affirmations. They came up with some feel good phrases to use such as ‘I can make myself proud’ and ultimately, the children realised how powerful giving yourself positive praise can be.

Teamwork was the theme of the Families Together and SELFA Thrive groups last week as Families Together worked on their communication and teamwork skills, particularly with their siblings. The children worked together in a back to back drawing activity and then applied the teamwork skills learned to make pitta pizzas for each other. At Thrive, the children created their own maps for Ing’s through creating a treasure hunt for their partners. Each child hid something in the grounds of Ing’s and had to use their teamwork skills to direct their partner to the right spot!

SELFA Community Champs enjoyed hanging around in a hammock and turned popping kernels over the fire into sweet, tasty popcorn. The first star of the week is Ethan, who was incredible with the popcorn making and loved the taste of it after too!

North Craven Primary continued their art project! This week, things got a bit messy as we began to make the flowers ready for Bentham in Bloom. The children worked so incredibly hard on their teamwork skills and were very creative. Following on from this session was North Craven Youth who cooked spaghetti bolognese together and enjoyed each others company whilst eating it.

Over at Girls Rock, we had a visit from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust as the girls began their Bees Together project. We learnt about why we need to protect bees and even began to needle felt and make our own bees! It was a new skill for to try and everyone’s patience and perseverance was amazing. Our latest star of the week came from Girls Rock as Maddi persevered after initially thinking she did not have the patience to get the task done but as you can see from the image, her bee was exceptional!

SELFA Youth also had a visit from the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue team who got them thinking about water safety with a quiz. Using their new found knowledge, the SELFA Youth group decorated pebbles with water safety messages on them to give to the fire brigade so that they can place them around Craven to help to inform the public further about how to stay safe near water.  

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