March 29th-April 4th Highlights

Last week, saw the beginning of the Easter Holiday’s at SELFA. We welcomed back over 180 children, some of whom we have not seen for a long time due to the pandemic and it was incredible to see so many happy children back at SELFA. There were 12 sessions run last week for 4 different groups: 4-7’s, 8-11’s, Youth and SEND. 

The incredible weather last week meant that the sessions were able to take place outside, which was especially great for the Easter egg hunt’s that took place. The primary groups were on the hunt for colourful eggs filled with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. To be successful, they had to work as a team and be extremely patient when finding the eggs. The Easter egg hunt for the SEND group was a bit different, with it taking place in the hall and the children were on the hunt for eggs filled with small toys which put a huge smile on their face and boosted their self-esteem and confidence every time they found an egg. It is so great that the children this year were able to have an Easter egg hunt, following a torrid year of ups and downs during the pandemic. 

The groups were also able to choose what other activities that they wanted to do. This included baking and painting and lots of free time for doing whatever they wanted and due to us being outside for the majority of the week there was a lot of sport played; with games such as dodgeball being the most popular.  

SELFA’s Send group went on a trip to ZEN S&B Sensory in Harrogate, where the children and young people were able to interact with many different environments that helps to stimulate their minds and relax them at the same time. We are incredibly grateful for Zen S&B Sensory for having us for the day and for being such great hosts. Zen S&B Sensory has four rooms all intended to stimulate different minds depending on preference. There is a lights room, a calming room and a water room as well as a general play room filled with a hammock, toys and a ball pit. The popularity of each room varied with each child but one of the highlights of Zen is their 6 month old bunny rabbit, Basil. Basil was lovely and soft to touch and each of the children took turns feeding him. 

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who donated an Easter egg to SELFA, so that we could hand them out to the children after their sessions. There was some surprise that they were getting them and a lot of joy and we hope that they went down a treat over the Easter weekend. The ongoing support for SELFA throughout these difficult times is extremely telling with moments like this so thank you so much from everyone at SELFA. 

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