April 19th-25th Highlights

Last week was jam packed with fun sessions and some even kicked off new six week projects. Read below to find out all about the best bits from last week!

Community Champs began a six week block of forest school sessions with our sessional staff member, Christina, who is voluntarily leading these sessions for us and we are super grateful to have her! The sessions allow the children to develop through healthy engagement with some risk, problem solving and self discovery within a natural environment. These sessions will help the Champs children to connect with and appreciate the environment and think of ways that we can help to look after nature better.

Thrive enjoyed their first trip off site for ‘bring your pet to SELFA week’, the group enjoyed walking doggies, Albert and Daisy to Aireville park along the canal. The group even decided to do some impromptu litter picking in the park after Isaac noticed the amount of rubbish that was lying around and chose to take action. This makes Isaac our first star of the week! With children like Isaac growing up in our local community, the future looks bright for us all. 

In girls rock this week, we checked in with our feelings before working on more team building games. This week, we worked together to make spaghetti and marshmallow towers, which required a great deal of perseverance and resilience to work together when things weren’t going so well. The girls did a great job of keeping going when it got difficult and encouraged each other to keep going – as well as showing a very competitive side in some! 

SELFA Engage started their 6 week karate course last week. Their first session saw them work on agility, balance and coordination and they learnt punching techniques. One of the young people at the session, Charley is our next star of the week! Charley worked really hard in the fitness drills despite thinking that she could not do it initially, but she persevered and excelled. Engage also had time to look at stress buckets and thought about the things that annoy us before developing coping strategies to help us to self regulate when experiencing difficult emotions. SELFA Youth also worked on their stress buckets too and made pizzas as a team and enjoyed them together. 

North Craven primary began working with Nikki from Pioneer Projects on an art project. The children made flowers in their first session. They shaped willow into flowers ready for Bentham in Bloom to help brighten up the local community. 

At Saturday Club, we celebrated Earth Day as we baked biscuits and decorated them in blue and green icing. We also painted pictures of the Earth and thought about how we can look after ocean animals through sensory play. Saturday Club had some stars of the week themselves with Bella and Max shining with their incredible teamwork that helped them to make the tastiest biscuits ever!

The final two groups to highlight were the Smile Project who wrote postcards to Ashfield care home because we still aren’t able to go and see them and the kids are missing them! The first SELFA Mindful group from the Families Together programme started last week where the children got to know each other and played games with their siblings.

The Captain Tom Challenge is now only four days away and the SELFA staff have been getting ready to smash their challenges. We are overwhelmed with the support so far and it is motivating us even further knowing that so many people have donated and are backing us all the way. If you would like to donate or even fundraise for us yourself then click here to find out more!

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