April 12th-18th Highlights

Last week saw the return to our full timetable and everyone had the most amazing time. There were so many highlights from a lot of the groups so we thought that we’d tell you all about them.

First up, we have Youth Council who began a new partnership with the North Yorkshire Youth Voice as their Youth Voice and Creative Engagement Officer, Chloe Thwaites came in to SELFA to learn all about what we do. The Youth Council were asked to make collages that  explained to Chloe what SELFA means to them and they absolutely smashed it. Each and every one of them showed exactly why they deserve to be on the Youth Council, as it was clear to us that they care deeply about SELFA and only want things in their local community improve. We would like to say a huge thank you to Chloe for coming in and helping to build a bridge between our two organisations!

Up next, we have Saturday Club who celebrated Earth Day through playing with animals. They looked at which animals live on land and which animals live in the sea and they sorted them into groups. This brings us to our first start of the week, Phoebe! Phoebe was super enthusiastic with this activity and wasn’t afraid to get messy with shaving foam to get the activity done! 

Sports leaders also came back with a bang with big games of cricket and Danish long ball being played. It was fantastic to see the young people being active once again. One of them even said “this is the most exercise I’ve done in a year.” This just highlights the importance of the groups at SELFA, to give the children a chance to improve their lives in numerous different areas. 

The final group to highlight is the Smile Project but unfortunately we are still unable to visit Ashfield Care Home due to COVID restrictions. We are having to come up with new ways to connect with elderly members of our community. This term, Smile Project will be collaborating with Skipton Step Into Action to support elderly community members and making them smile! Last week we launched the collaboration by video calling Malcom who, for a number of weeks, will be chatting to our children and telling us stories about Skipton and surrounding areas. Malcom has been very ill and has therefore, spent the majority of the past year shielding. Smile Project wanted to become friends with Malcom and chat with him on a regular basis to make him smile and to make sure he that doesn’t feel lonely. One of our children, Nieve, said “It was nice talking to Malcom ’cause he was friendly and kind”.  Smile Project are always looking for elderly community groups and individuals to connect with so please get in touch if you think we can link up!

The rest of the groups began to get to know each other better with icebreakers and all about me sessions. It was wonderful seeing the children sharing interests, likes & dislikes in sessions to build up positive relationships and group dynamics. These children will be in sessions together leading up to the summer holidays, so building good relationships with each other is vital for these groups to be a success. This brings us nicely onto our final star of the week, Reef! Reef joined his first ever after school club and made new friends! 

The groups are only warming up and will grow into the most amazing groups, ensuring that all of the children can access the development that they need to improve their wellbeing.

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