Raspberry Pi Donation

During February, SELFA were selected by Barnardo’s to receive Raspberry Pi computers as a part of Raspberry Pi’s ‘Stay Connected to School’ initiative for children who were struggling to access their schoolwork online due to not having a computer or if the family were having to share one computer. The latest lockdown once again put learning back online and for many students, this reduced the quality of their learning as they could not access the online resources properly, which lead to many parents becoming increasingly concerned with the progress that their children were making with their school work; with some fearing that their child was getting left behind. 

Thanks to Raspberry Pi however, twenty children at SELFA received a Raspberry Pi 400, a Samsung monitor, a Canyon stereo gaming headset and an A4Tech WebCam. This incredibly generous technology package for the children has allowed them to be able to complete all of their schoolwork to their best possible standard. The state of the art Raspberry Pi is renowned for its incredibly easy going functionality. The computer is built into the keyboard which has made it incredibly simple for parents to set up – even if they are not completely tech savvy. It is so great to see the SELFA children being supported by another organisation. They are all amazing children and it is brilliant to witness them getting the right equipment for them to maximise their potential. 

Now that the computers are being used by the children, the feedback that we have received is truly remarkable. Here’s what three families had to say about the computers: 

Liana has been able to do her school work and also read books online instead of on her mums phone. This has meant that mum has got her phone back to herself and the family are not having to juggle devices between them. 

Blaine is benefitting from having a computer as it has enabled him to focus better and concentrate more. Blaine is also dyslexic, so he is now finding it easier to complete his homework on his computer instead of writing it by hand. This has helped with his self esteem and confidence when it comes to his school work. 

Isaac (see photo below) was so excited for dad to set up his new computer and now he no longer has to share the family computer. This has helped his learning so much and he also loves to play games on it. 

As you can see, the computers have helped the children in many different ways and it has also helped the families as they are no longer on top of each other; forced to share technology which is so great to hear. SELFA will be forever grateful to Raspberry Pi for this incredible donation. 

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