March 8th-14th Highlights

Last Week marked the return of bigger groups at SELFA, following the end of the Online Zoom sessions. SELFA were able to invite up to 10 young people to each group throughout the week which has been incredible for everyone. The children have been able to see some of their friends that they have not been able to see for a long time which has created a lot of smiley children back at Ings Primary School. This return of bigger groups has also been extremely rewarding for the SELFA staff as they have been able to speak with more young people to see how they have been feeling throughout this latest lockdown and give them new tools to cope with any emotions that may come their way. 

The children and young people at SELFA had also been gathering their thoughts for Mother’s Day as many of them took part in a special Mother’s Day video for our social media accounts. In this video, the children wished their mums a Happy Mother’s Day and some even opted to say a nice message about what they love about their mothers. It is amazing to see how much the children love their mums for all of the wonderful things the mums do for the children at SELFA. 

SELFA also started an Easter egg appeal for people to donate Easter eggs to SELFA so that we are able to hand them out to every single child that comes to a session at SELFA over the Easter holidays. We believe that no child should be deprived of an Easter egg, no matter what! If you would like to get involved then all you have to do is bring along an Easter egg to Ings Primary School, Skipton anytime between Monday to Thursday 09:00-18:00. 

Saturday Club had a St Patrick’s Day theme this weekend as Emma Pears showed off her Irish roots by telling stories and baking St Patrick’s Day biscuits. The children had so much fun with these activities and even got to wear St Patrick’s Day hats! The young people at Saturday Club also received their CREST Award certificates for the amazing science experiments that they completed before Christmas. These experiments helped the children to develop more independence as well as developing their aspirations for the future we were delighted to see.

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