March 22nd-28th Highlights

Starting off this highlights of the week, we have our star of the week, Mason! Mason worked super hard to build a marble run on Tuesday and wanted to show everyone just how amazing it is and look how happy it has made him!

Youth Council were busy working with the North Yorkshire Youth Commission as they took part in a mental health activity that is designed to give the North Yorkshire Youth Commission some feedback on how they can improve certain areas of their organisation to support the youth in North Yorkshire. The activity is known as KYMSGAME and it involves a series of scenarios that Youth Council had to decide different ways that they would tackle the scenario. This is the second time that the Youth Council and North Yorkshire Youth Commission have worked together and it is building into a strong partnership where they are able to help each other for many reasons.

The Primary Groups celebrated National Workout and Wellbeing Week by playing fitness bingo. This was a great way for the groups to get active and discover a fun way of exercising to explore how it benefits their mental health as well as their physical health. The groups discussed how they felt before and after exercising to see if they noticed any differences to their bodies, feelings and thoughts and it did! Amira said “it helped me to make my body and mind stronger, I feel relaxed too”.  The primary groups also got involved with Easter card making for Skipton Step into Action Befriending Service, a service set up to help people during the pandemic. The Easter cards made by the children will be sent out to people who are isolating so that they can get into the Easter spirit themselves, we are so pleased to have these opportunities to improve the local community with the amazing children that come to SELFA.

Finally, we are delighted to say that we have smashed our Easter egg target! We have been overwhelmed with the amazing support that our local community has given us and now we can ensure that every child will receive an Easter egg this Easter! 

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