March 1st – 7th Highlights

Last week’s sessions were all centred around Mother’s Day as we get ready for a day where we can all celebrate our mothers and show them that we appreciate what they do for us. The Primary Group sessions were busy creating Mother’s Day cards and presents for their mums. This allowed the children to develop their concentration skills as they attempted to make something that they know that their mums will love. Saturday Club also got involved with this creativity as they made Mother’s Day signs to put up on Mother’s Day as decoration. As well as this, our SEND session also got involved in some baking which required them to work as a team to succeed. Following this, they also planted some sunflower seeds as they began to think about how their mothers help them to grow as people. 

SELFA’s Zoom sessions came to an end last week too as the children begin to go back to school today. Whilst we are sad that the fun sessions are over, it is incredible to know that we will be able to see all of the children who attended these sessions in person from this week onwards. The Zoom sessions were a great success as children who were unable to come into SELFA, were able to receive some sort of support during this lockdown which we are delighted about. 

We would also like to show off a couple of our amazing SELFA stars of the week who deserve to be acknowledged! First up is Harry; Harry decided that he wanted to bake jammie biscuits for his family to show them how much he loves them. In this session, Harry was able to follow instructions and make the biscuits all by himself which has helped him to develop his independence further. Our second star of the week is Elly, who showed off how great she is at solving the Rubik’s cube. Below is a video of Elly doing it in one minute and thirty-six seconds -which we were all amazed by. Do you think you could beat Elly’s time?

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