Please Wear Red For SELFA

SELFA’s annual fundraiser ‘Wear Red For SELFA’ is just around the corner and we would love it if you could join in on Friday 14th February!

We are asking schools, businesses, organisations and just about absolutely everyone in and Craven to take part. All we ask is that you wear red (it can be as small as your socks or dress in red from head to toe) and each donate £1. The money raised will directly go towards the vital work we do in Skipton and Craven to support children and families experiencing vulnerabilities.

In 2019, over 13 organisations took part in ‘Wear Red for SELFA’ and raised just under £1300. We fancy a challenge and are aiming to double the amount of organisations taking part and are hoping to raise over £2000 in 2020. Please let us know if you are going to take part. We’d love to give you a shout out and express our thanks! We can provide SELFA collection buckets if needed.

Can’t wear red? Why not host a bake sale or something similar in the office? Or come and visit us on the high street just outside Skipton Town Hall to have a go on our tombola and take a selfie.

Let’s wear red and make a difference together!

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